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Monday, 3 September 2012

Upagrahas - A Brief Note.

Upa-grahas of other planets are specific points in the sky which keep shifting in relation to each other. Upagrahas were observed in olden days Upgraha position in certain angles indicate misery and loss. We also hear about the tracking of Upagraha positions for the purpose of judging whether a particular time was good for travel. Ancient books on upagraha were lost for
ever but the very information that such books existed until 2000 years ago (known from other books) shows that people had followed the Upagraha positions and timings. Interestingly we do not come across use of Raahu kaalam in those books or in the olden days.

Perhaps with the loss of knowledge of Upagrahas, experts would have started assigning importance to Raahu kaalam which continues to be popular until now. Like the other Upagrahas, Raahu kaalam is also seen for judging troubles at a particular time of the day.

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