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Monday, 16 July 2012

Planetary Significance - II

Planets – Village Administration (Construction)
Sun         :   Administration
Moon       :   Agriculture and Irrigation
Mars        :   Defence
Mercury    :   Income-tax, Renue, commerce
Jupiter     :   Law, Finance, Endowment, Libraries
Venus      :   Amusement, food, exhibitions, sports
Saturn     :   Health, burial grounds, labour union
Rahu       :   Evil places, casinoa
Kethu      :   Forbidden temples, planets
Uranus     :   Revolts, reforms, research centres
Neptune   :   Musical centre, prostitutions, wines, opium

Planets – General Administrations
Sun         :   King, Commandor
Moon       :   Public Relations
Mars        :   Defence
Mercury    :   Post & Telegraph, Broadcasting, Embassy
Jupiter     :   Finance, Food, Home
Venus      :   Agriculture, Fine Arts, Amusements
Saturn     :   Labour, Training, Backward Classes
Rahu       :   Travel, Transport, Tourism
Kethu      :   Pilgrimage, Religious institutions, Endowment Boards
Uranus     :   Law breakers, critics, Aviation, Radio & TV, Electricity
Neptune   :   International Trading, Shipping, Fisheries.

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