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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Divisional Charts - D30

Trimsamsa –(D30)

This chart is seen for miseries, happiness, aristas and general inauspiciousness. The character, conduct and chastity are also seen from this chart. Hence this chart was given importance for Female horoscopes.

Each sign of 30º is divided into 30 parts of 1º each. Each part is called one Trimsamsa.

In odd signs Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus rule 5,5,8,7,5 degrees each successively.  In even signs reverse of the above holds good.

A planet posited in the odd sign in D1, will continue to be placed in the odd sign of Trimsamsa ruled by the planet. Similarly planet in the even sign will continue to be placed in even sign Trimsamsa of the ruling planet in D-30 chart.

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