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Friday, 2 September 2011

Prasna Methods : Part-2

SANKHYA PRASNA ( Numerical prasna):

The person who approached the astrologer is asked to tell a number below 108. The number 108 represents the total number of navamsas in the chart. The number selected by the person represents the number of navamsa. By dividing the number by 9 the lagna sign can be arrived and by dividing the number by 12, the navamsa lagna can be arrived. The lords of the lagna in rasi chart and navamsa chart should not be enemies. If these two planets are friends or one and the same, the result will be favourable and otherwise the result will be adverse.

This method is useful in selection of one item out of several items, like selection of one job out of several etc.


In Sankhya prasna, the time of fructification can be predicted basing on the Navamsa lagna lord.
Sun - 1 Ayana (6 months)
Jupiter - 1 month 
Moon - 1 Khanam (Muhurtha)
Venus - 1 Paksham (15 days)
Mars - 1 Day
Saturn - 1 year
Mercury - 1 month

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