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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Exploration of Water

Since ancient days India is a country of cultivation. For cultivation water is very essential. For all living beings, air is very essential and after air, water is very essential.  Since ancient days man used to get water from rivers.   

To get water in places where there are no rivers and natural lacks and procedure to store water in different methods like digging of wells, constructing tanks etc?  This technique of exploring water resources is prevailing and developed in our country since very long time.  

Varahamihira has written a separate chapter on this in his work “ BRIHAT SAMHITA”. Many techniques given by Manu & Saraswatamuni were mentioned in this book.  

Saraswatamuni first wrote this science. The procedure to identify the water springs and water currents by observing the trees and anthills and stones on earth were mentioned in his works.   Varahamihira mentioned the methods of exploring water that were prevailing during his time, in 54th chapter of Brihatsamhita in 125 slokas.  

Water flows underneath the earth just like blood flows in our body through veins.   Water comes from clouds in the form of rain with only one taste and one color. But after raining on earth, the water gets the taste and color depending upon the quality of earth at that particular place.

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