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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Qualities & Duties of an Astrologer

The astrologer should be expert in mathematics and should have calculating ability, intelligent, judiciary and should have control over senses. He should have the knowledge of direction, place and time. He should be expert in Siddhanta, Hora and Samhitas. He should be always cheerful and unbiased. He should not be selfish. Astrologer should not use undesired methods like black magic etc., for giving the predictions. He should not be money minded.


He should wakeup in Brahmi muhurta and pray God. After attending the calls of the nature,    

After taking bath he should perform his daily rituals and note the particulars of that day in Panchanga.

He should carefully and attentively hear the question asked by the person. Astrologer should observe the movements of the person and also observe the Omens at that time.

Astrologer should observe his breathing.

The place where the prasna is being conducted should have pleasant atmosphere.

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