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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Nallur Sri Kalyanasundareswarar temple

This temple is located 5 kms east of Papanasam. In the Kumbakonam – Papanasam route, after Sundara Perumal koil, take a diversion at Uthani village for about 2 kms to Nallur.  The main deity is Swayambu linga known as Periyandeswarar, Kalyana Sundarar, Pancha varneswar, Sundara nathar, Soundara naayakar with Ambal Giri Sundari, Parvatha Sundari Kalyana Sundari, Malaiazhagi, Vanduvaazh kuzhali,  

The miracle of the temple here is the color of the deity changes 5 times a day as Copper, light red, Molten gold, Emerald and Multicolor for every 2 hours and 20 mins.  And so the other name is PANCHAVARNESWARAR.  Many research has been done for the color changes, but till now the reason is unknown and could not be found.

There are two lingams on a single square avudaiyar (not anywhere in the world).  Since Lord Shiva gave Deeksha to Thirunavukkarasar by placing His feet on him, as a rare custom in a Shiva temple,  the devotees are blessed by placing Sataari as done in Vishnu Temples.  It is believed that the Lingam starts from the land and ends at the top of the mount.  It said that the Jada mudi of lord Shiva is present at the back of temple, so we are not allowed to make a full round. Oblations to the manes take places here.

The lingam has many holes across. Sage Bringi, an ardent devotee of Siva, was not ready to worship the Goddess. So he took the form of vandu (bee family) and worshipped Shiva alone by flying around Him. Hence there are small holes on the Shiva linga. Vaalakilya munivar performed thapas as vandu (beetle) in the holes and attained mukthi here.  

Kundhi devi got rid of her curse by taking a dip in the Saptha Sagar Theertham on a Masi magham day.  Muchukundha cakravarthi who belongs to Dwaparayuga, the third yuga, has worshipped here.  According to Bujandar naadi, Sri Maha Kali who was responsible for defending this region against the invasion of Malik Kafoor is glowing with Her divine presence here. Worshipping Her on Fridays and Ashtami is believed to absolve many doshams of devotees.   Ashtapuja Kali with 8 arms is present in the south prahaaram of this temple. 

Arulmigu Pancha Varnasewarar Alayam
Thirunallur Post, Via Sundraperumal Kovil, Valangaiman Taluk
Tiruvarur District, Tamil Nadu - 614208, Phone: 04374-312857

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